Sono aperti nuovi bandi su molti grandi programmi europei come Cittadini, Uguaglianza, Diritti e Valori, Erasmus+, Europa Creativa, Europa Digitale, LIFE, Programma per il Mercato Unico, scopriamoli insieme.

Sono da poco aperti nuovi bandi europei su alcuni dei più importanti programmi: Cittadini, Uguaglianza, Diritti e Valori, Erasmus+, Europa Creativa, Europa Digitale, LIFE, Programma per il Mercato Unico – e non solo.

Scopriamoli insieme, nell’attesa di importanti novità: stiamo infatti rinnovando la nostra sezione “bandi in arrivo” per renderla più efficace e accessibile. Contiamo di fornire aggiornamenti su bandi europei a cadenza mensile e di rendere sempre consultabili i bandi europei oggetto della nostra rassegna, su una pagina dedicata.

Come sempre, raccomandiamo di fare anche riferimento alle pagine ufficiali, perché la nostra rassegna non è esaustiva. 

Programma Scadenza
Cittadini, Uguaglianza, Diritti e Valori
Capacity building and awareness raising on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights 18/09/2024
Promoting rights and values by empowering the civic space 18/09/2024
Protecting EU values and rights by combating hate speech and hate crime 18/09/2024
Strategic litigation 18/09/2024
Supporting an enabling environment for the protection of whistleblowers 18/09/2024
Town Twinning 19/09/2024
#BeActive - Education Award 22/05/2024
#BeActive - Across generations award 22/05/2024
#BeActive - Local Hero Award 22/05/2024
#BeActive - Workplace Award 22/05/2024
Virtual exchanges in higher education and youth 25/04/2024
Erasmus+ Teacher Academies 06/06/2024
Centres of Vocational Excellence 07/05/2024
Policy Experimentation - Digital Education 04/06/2024
Policy Experimentation - School Education 04/06/2024
Policy Experimentation - Vocational Education and Training 04/06/2024
Policy Experimentation - Micro-credentials 04/06/2024
Policy Experimentation - Adult Education 04/06/2024
Policy Experimentation - Higher Education 04/06/2024
Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 28/01/2025
Europa Creativa
“Culture Helps / Культура допомагає”: Individual grants for mental health support up to 1000 EUR 30/03/2024
Perform Europe 01/04/2024
European Film sales agent 20/06/2024
Networks of European Cinemas 16/07/2024
Films on the Move 18/07/2024
European mini-slate development 10/09/2024
Europa Digitale
1+ Million Genomes: sustainability and uptake 29/05/2024
AI in support of Quantum-Enhanced Metabolic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems 29/05/2024
AI regulatory sandboxes: EU-level coordination and support 29/05/2024
Alliance for Language Technologies (CSA) 29/05/2024
Alliance for Language Technologies (SG) 29/05/2024
Competence Centre for 3D (deployment) 29/05/2024
Demonstrating the in-service use of the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF) in healthcare settings 29/05/2024
Deploying The Network of National Coordination Centres with Member States 29/05/2024
DigitalHealthUptake Call for Training 14/06/2024
EU AI Innovation Accelerator preparatory action 29/05/2024
EuroHPC Virtual Training Academy 06/06/2024
Girls and Women in Digital 29/05/2024
National Competence Centres for High Performance Computing 14/05/2024
Pilot action for the establishment of future Union Testing Facilities in AI 29/05/2024
Reference deployments of European cloud-edge services (industrial IoT Edge and Telco Edge developments) 29/05/2024
One-Stop-Shops - Integrated services for clean energy transition in buildings and businesses 19/09/2024
Clean energy transition plans and strategies in municipalities and regions 19/09/2024
Project Development Assistance for sustainable energy investments 19/09/2024
Climate Governance and Information 17/09/2024
Climate Change Mitigation 17/09/2024
Climate Change Adaptation 17/09/2024
BUILD UP Skills – Upskilling and reskilling interventions for building decarbonisation 19/09/2024
Supporting the roll-out of high-quality heat pump installations 19/09/2024
LIFE Clean Energy Transition – Standard Action Project 19/09/2024
Towards an effective implementation of key legislation in the field of sustainable energy 19/09/2024
Energy Performance of Buildings - Making renovation faster, deeper, smarter, service- and data-driven 19/09/2024
Facilitation structures for the renovation of public buildings 19/09/2024
Supporting the clean energy transition of European businesses 19/09/2024
Real world energy consumption of energy-related products 19/09/2024
Developing support mechanisms for Energy Communities 19/09/2024
Alleviating household energy poverty in Europe 19/09/2024
Supporting district heating and cooling 19/09/2024
Crowding in private finance 19/09/2024
Circular Economy, resources from Waste, Air, Water, Soil, Noise, Chemicals, Bauhaus 19/09/2024
Technical Assistance - Replication - Nature & Biodiversity and Circular Economy & Quality of Life 18/09/2024
Nature and Biodiversity 19/09/2024
Environment governance 19/09/2024
Nature Governance 19/09/2024
Technical Assistance preparation of CLIMA SIPs 18/09/2024
Technical Assistance preparation of SNAPs 18/09/2024
Technical Assistance preparation of ENV SIPs 18/09/2024
Projects on Legislative and Policy Priorities in the fields of Nature & Biodiversity and Circular Economy & Quality of Life 19/09/2024
LIFE-2024-NGO-OG-SGA - SGA LIFE operating grants 17/09/2024
Strategic Integrated Projects - Climate Action 05/09/2024
Operating grants Framework partnerships 05/09/2024
Strategic Integrated Projects - Environment 05/09/2024
Strategic Nature Projects 05/09/2024
Programma per il mercato unico
2nd Call for financial support to CCIs SMEs - Cross-fertilisation Prize 22/04/2024
AEC EUROCLUSTER call for proposals for Go international 30/04/2024
AIBC euroclusters open call for participating in the international mission to Austin, TX, USA 16/05/2024
Business Bridge - Ukraine-Ready4EU: Financial support combined with additional advice and assistance to up to 1.500 Ukrainian SMEs planning specific activities to integrate into the EU Single Market (Call for Applications 2024-2) 30/06/2025
Call for proposals for action grants for promoting stable debt advice for promoting stable debt advice services 06/06/2024
Call for proposals for action grants to provide financial contributions to ADR Bodies and RAD Qualified Entities 06/06/2024
Call for proposals for action grants to support consumer education, awareness raising and local advice to consumers 06/06/2024
Coaching and Mentoring services FSTP 01/11/2024
ELBE eurocluster call for financial support to internationalisation - UK, USA & Australia (SMP-COSME-2021-CLUSTER) 20/05/2024
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - junior call 27/06/2024
EU-Ukraine Cluster Partnership Programme 04/06/2024
GEMSTONE – call for Financial support for Exploration [EXPLORE] 30/04/2024
GEMSTONE – call for Financial support for Training [TRAIN] 30/04/2024
Go International 06/05/2024
INGENIOUS Internationalisation Grants 30/09/2024
INGENIOUS Training Grants: 14/02/2025
Innovation Support Services – electromobility sectors 31/05/2024
International travel FSTP 20/12/2024
Mobility Lump Sum to Mobility and Industry Suppliers Meeting (MISM) mission 31/05/2024
Networking and Marketing FSTP 20/12/2024
POLREC Internationalisation Open Call for Polymer recycling industrial SMEs 22/05/2024
Re-Opening for Germany: European Tourism Sustainability Monitoring 2030 (ETSM2030) 08/05/2024
Silicon Eurocluster open call for Green Financial Support 30/04/2024
SMEs transition for an european circular tourism ecosystem: trace 2nd open call for SMEs support in Belgium and Spain 30/04/2024
Supporting innovative Products and Services development in electromobility sectors (bottom-up) 31/05/2024
Supporting innovative Products and Services development in electromobility sectors (Industrial Battery Value Chain) 31/05/2024
Training FSTP 30/11/2024
Training/Services Open Call 11/04/2024
Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà
Quality Label Humanitarian Aid - Full Procedure 24/09/2024

Call for proposals: action grants on the safety and quality of new Substances of Human Origin (Breast milk, faecal microbiota transplants) (b) HS-g-23-50.02 Faecal microbiotic transplants (HS-g-23-50.02) 11/06/2024