The Europlanning Guide is more than a Guide: it is a free, up-to-date reference that you can take with you everywhere.

A container of news, updates, calls for proposals, insights, training materials, and more to understand the workings and structure of European funds and help you properly develop a project.

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It is a compass on europlanning, with the elements to understand it, go deeper, follow it.
It is a "Wiki" tool, free, always accessible and up-to-date, with simple and intuitive structure and language
It is a true library that collects, organizes, and provides access to the most interesting and accredited external materials
It is a tool that "empowers," presenting keys to understanding, practical tools, ideas and experiences

The Guide News

New words for our Guide

12 Jun 2024

We are working on words: our Glossary grows and all our content becomes usable in English.

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Glossario europrogettazione

Read moreeuropean calls for proposals

In this section we present a periodic review of European calls for proposals and the Infobandi database created by CSVnet (the network of Italian CSVs) that reports on the main funding opportunities for third sector and beyond.

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